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TAC Consulting: Technical Athletic Consulting & Tactically Armed Consulting is owned and operated by Ryan Wagner.

TAC Fitness: Ryan has over 20 years of Track & Field Coaching and Conditioning experience ranging from high school to college in all three divisions. Ryan has guided both high school and college athletes to their respective national championships in the speed/power and distance events. Ryan also worked with professional runners bidding for Olympic Trials standards and tactical athletes in the world of Law Enforcement/Military. TAC Fitness specializes in speed and conditioning for all sports. We also offer Coaching Education for Speed Development.  

TAC Firearms delivers Firearms, Basic Trauma/Tactical Medical, and Active Shooter/Room Clearing training to citizens and Law Enforcement. Ryan is a Law Enforcement Officer (10 years+) with instructor certifications in Firearms, Urban Rifle, Basic Tactical Medical, and Active Shooter training. Ryan is also an EMT. In addition, he has received Letters of Commendation and praise for his Firearms, Tac Med, and Active Shooter training. TAC Firearms focuses on the semi-auto pistol and the semi-auto rifle instruction for Defensive / Combat Shooting. We also provide Tactical / Trauma Medicine training to civilians and First Responders, introducing TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), which can be the life line until advanced medical care is available. 

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Overview of Active Shooter/Threat & Tactical Medical Training – Thursday October 20, 2022 8am to 10:00 am

Sheraton Needham – 100 Cabot St. Needham, MA 02494 – 781-444- 1110

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