About TAC Firearms & TAC Fitness

TAC Firearms: Tactically Armed Consulting provides practical and tactical training to beginners to the advanced shooter. We also offer Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Basic Trauma / Tactical Medical Training, to link the gap until Emergency Medical Services arrive. At TAC, we offer safe and relevant training based upon experience from the Law Enforcement and First Responder communities. Our goal is to make students more proficient at firearms and basic trauma medical training so that you can utilize these skills in an emergency. Take ownership of your safety and invest the time to become reliable in stressful situations – train to become better – train to save lives!

Pressure Bandage
This is a tool that can save a life and or take a life. If you carry this tool, train on a regular basis – train safe and take the ownership and responsibility towards firearms.

I started TAC Fit: Technical Athletic Consulting with the belief of combining sports science with practical implementation. However, not everyone has the same goals, time frames, resources, adaptation responses, or training background. Therefore, we will attempt to create the best program that fits your goals and your time commitment.

Our scientific approach will be utilized by employing proper biomechanics and exercise science to yield the desired improvement. I believe an increase in one of the biomotor areas of; speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination will increase your overall development.

My background exists in coaching Track & Field from 2000 to the present. I have coached at the high school and collegiate levels: Colby College, Kennesaw State, East Stroudsburg, and UMaine Farmington in the speed/power and endurance events. I have also been a high school Physical Educator and College Adjunct Professor. I received my undergraduate degree in Health & Exercise Science from Syracuse University and my master’s degree in Health & Physical Education from East Stroudsburg University.

Our focus is to provide the athletic expertise and guidance for you to attain your goals!

Coach Emily teaching the importance of hip mobility.
Kennesaw State Men’s Distance Crew at the 2013 Atlantic Sun Championships